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What’s SaaSBooMi 2020?

Asia’s largest SaaS conference, for founders, by founders. Join the brightest SaaS minds for two days of sharing candid stories, learning hard-won lessons from the trenches, and forging connections that matter. Here’s a sneak-peek of what’s in store.
Curated Events
Events handpicked by SaaS leaders that foster focussed, action-oriented discussions and learning.
Knowledge-sharing and close-quarters learning from founders who have wrestled with similar problems you are now having endless bouts with.
Great conversations, debates, and discussions with fellow founders; no jargon, no selling, no BS. Just founders becoming friends.

How does it work?

SaaSBooMi 2020 is built on the philosophy of paying it forward. An exclusive, founder-centric event created by the country’s most successful SaaS leaders, who’ll also be transparently sharing their playbooks with the community.
A zero-fluff platform for SaaS founders, packed with product-teardown sessions, keynotes, feature showcases, and deep-dive workshops.With 350+ attendees and an NPS score of 80+, SaaSBoomi 2019 proved to be a phenomenal hit. And this time, it is only going to get bigger and better.
SaaSBooMi 2020 is a must-attend event for SaaS founders who want to join a thriving community of industry leaders for a two-day immersive and enriching learning experience.
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Top 3 reasons for Southeast Asia SaaS founders to attend SaaSBooMi 2020

Software As A Service market has come a long way. Concur was arguably the first SaaS company (Not Salesforce!), which started in 1998. In a span of 30 years, the industry has grown multi-fold by generating more than $100 billion in 2019 alone. From a humble travel expense software, today SaaS has.....

SaaSBoomi Rewind 2019 — Ish Jindal of TARS

Continuing our SaaSBoomi Rewind, we speak to Ish Jindal of TARS about his experience at SaaSBoomi, and why he thinks SaaSBoomi is the place to be for hot young startups like TARS.His company is poised for a great 2020, and is one of the fastest growing MarTech startups out of India right now.

SaaSBoomi Rewind 2019 — Amit Mishra of Interview Mocha

Building up to SaaSBoomi 2020, we decided to ask some of our attendees from the last edition about their experience, and why they think SaaSBoomi is the place to be for young startups.You can apply for the 2020 edition here.This episode features Amit Mishra, CEO of Interview Mocha, the HR Tech company that is poised to challenge the best in the domain.

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