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Software in its old form is going away. Pretty much everything we know about building a software business has changed. SaaS is here to stay. And we can’t afford to carry old school business practices to new age SaaS.

With the first and second generation of SaaS companies already well on their way, SaaSBoomi is an effort to share all that knowledge around so that we make new mistakes. So that the next generation can be built on the shoulders of these, our own giants.

And that is the why of SaaSBoomi, a platform owned by the community, for the community.

Principles and Guidelines

For this to remain a sustainable, open space, and at the same time to continue being a community-led and driven initiative there are some basic principles we want to hold ourselves to.

Organisers and Volunteers

Curate every speaker story ruthlessly regardless of affiliation.
No promotions by speakers.
No shameless plugs
No slots for sponsors, as we only want sponsors who care about making a difference to the ecosystem.


This is a pay-it-forward event.
Do not accept a speaking slot because your startup will get visibility: That’s not the objective here.
Share stories, advice, and actionable tactics from your experience.
Specifics matter: No generic advice, please, and we want to learn from your mistakes more than your successes.
Stage relevance matters: Not all decisions are applicable to all the stages. When you share advice, please provide stage relevance context to ensure its specificity.


- The speakers share their playbooks and numbers for the greater good: By default, assume everything is confidential, don’t comment or share sensitive information publicly. Everyone there is running a company, and the media narrative is important.
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