25th July 2020 | A Virtual Summit
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Passion for Products

A solid product is the bedrock of a SaaS business. In an industry that thrives on recurring relationships and negligible switching costs, the product sets the difference between success and failure. And SaaSBOOMi Build, our brand new initiative, is here to help set you up for product success. A first-of-its-kind day-long program that brings together passionate founders, product and engineering leaders to exchange their playbooks to build and scale global products that customers love.

The Registrations Are Running at Full Capacity.
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Product & Engineering Leaders

Agenda 25th July 2020

Building Winning Teams

  • Dive into the experience of a leader who built one of the largest SaaS engineering teams to understand what goes into building a product focused team, the ideal team structure at scale, hiring hacks for building your engineering leadership.  
  • Speaker: STS Prasad (Freshworks) | Curator: Rohit C (Darwinbox) | 9:05 AM

Well Started is Half Done: First steps to building an enterprise SaaS product for rapid scale

  • Early stage decisions influence SaaS product journey for much beyond. Explore ideal ways to work with first 10 enterprise customers, product building frameworks, critical hires & architecture decisions for $1-5MN ARR stages to enable rapid scale post that.
  • Speaker: Soham Mazumdar (Rubrik) | Curator: Ashok V (Sales Benefits) | 9:55 AM

The Agile and Not-so-agile Parts of Quality, Security and Performance @ Scale

  • In the trenches, look at the pursuit of Quality, Security and Performance using Agile methodologies. Presenting Icertis’ playbook of engineering practices with a deeper look into QSP lifecycle at scale and  innovation in multi-cloud.
  • Speaker: Monish Darda (Icertis) | Curator: Chaitanya C (Ozonetel) | 10:55 AM

Building Enterprise SAAS on Public Cloud

  • Deep dive into all cloud matters in this session such as solving for scalability and elasticity, best-in-class security & certifications, taking control of costs and managing cloud operations at scale (telemetry, test automation, CI/CD etc).
  • Speaker: Milind Borate (Druva) | Curator: Kiran D (Freshworks) | 11:45 AM

Aligning the Trio - Product, UX, Engineering to Deliver a World Class Experience

  • From delivering a stellar user experience to building high quality product, the vision and objectives of the 3 key spokes will need to be aligned in order to get the wheel in motion. Explore best practices that can help the trio build better and faster.
  • Speaker: Deepak Diwakar (Mindtickle) | Curator: Chaitanya P (Darwinbox) | 12:30 PM

Consumerizing B2B SaaS – Design as aCompetitive Advantage

  • It’s high time B2B products known for needing user training, apply the design lens of a consumer tech. Explore the thumb rules to judge a good design and also to find a design team that knows to look beyond just good-looking design when it comes to UX.
  • Speaker: Bharath Balasubramanian (Freshworks)| Curator: Gowthami K | 2:00 PM

Product Roadmap and the Catch-22 [Live Workshop]

  • 200 companies that registered had one challenge in common – how to plan the product roadmap? When every ask seems like the most important one, how do you make a choice. For the first time, a interactive workshop is designed to emulate the critical trade-offs in roadmap planning and how to go about them.
  • Speaker: Sreedhar Peddineni (Gainsight, GTMBuddy), Mrityunjay Kumar (Zenoti), Rohit Chennamaneni (Darwinbox) | 2:50 PM

Prioritizing Product Roadmap – The Enterprise & SMB Lens

  • While one runs the risk of customers hijacking the roadmap, the other needs to solve for velocity. Roadmap challenges are unique for Enterprise vs SMB SaaS, so are the solutions. Explore real playbooks followed by organizations in both these segments
  • Speaker: Anjali Kumari (ThoughtSpot), Dinesh Varadharajan (Kissflow) Curator: Raghu R (Yellow Messenger | 4:20 PM

Designing your Organization for 10x Impact

  • Rule #1: Build a proprietary technology that is 10x better. (we all know this)Rule #0: Design an organization that can build 10x better technology. Hear from India’s fastest SaaS Unicorn on what foundational factors matter in building teams that learn, grow, collaborate, own and deliver 10x Impact.
  • Speaker: Ankit Sobti (Postman) | Curator: Sreedhar P (Gainsight, GTM Buddy) | 5:40 PM

The Registrations Are Running at Full Capacity.
Please Join Our Waitlist and We Will Keep You Posted

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How to Execute Virtual Events - Playbooks, Best Practices, and Learnings
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