25th July 2020 | A Virtual Summit
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Passion for Products

A solid product is the bedrock of a SaaS business. In an industry that thrives on recurring relationships and negligible switching costs, the product sets the difference between success and failure. And SaaSBOOMi Build, our brand new initiative, is here to help set you up for product success. A first-of-its-kind day-long program that brings together passionate founders, product and engineering leaders to exchange their playbooks to build and scale global products that customers love.

Early bird registrations are open

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Product & Engineering Leaders

Topics that will be addressed

Building for the Enterprise vs. SMB

  • How different is it to build products for the enterprise vs SMB?
  • How do you prioritize the Product Roadmap? Are Enterprise customers hijacking your roadmap? How to deal with it?
  • SaaS Release Process: Dos and Don'ts; Dealing with Change Management for Enterprise customers
  • Customer Onboarding for the Enterprise: Does your product/engineering team deal with an irate customer, at least periodically?

Building a 10X Product

  • What are the things you can do in product and technology to attain market leadership?
  • How important are the Integrations & APIs in supporting your customer adoption?
  • Are you building a Product or a Product Suite or a Platform? What is the difference? Does it matter?
  • Consumerization of B2B SaaS: Design as a competitive advantage

Building a Customer-centric Product Org

  • How do you build customer orientation in the Product and Engineering teams?
  • How important is it to measure the product adoption? Are DAU/MAU relevant in B2B context?
  • Customer Adoption -> Customer Retention: What does Product Adoption really mean? What are the metrics?
  • What you want to build vs What your customers want you to build?
  • Responsiveness of the Product and Engineering team towards production bugs?

Building Engineering Processes that Matter

  • What does Agile mean for you? Is it working?
  • Engineering Practices: Essential vs Good-to-have
  • Engineering Productivity Killers: How to improve your product velocity?
  • Automation Best Practices: Evolution of DevOps and TechOps over the years.
  • Security Considerations in building the product, going through audits etc.

Building Winning Teams

  • How do you scale the engineering teams in terms of culture & values?
  • Holding engineering leaders accountable to business goals
  • Engineering Career Paths: A key to retention!
  • Product & Engineering alignment with the Business? What role do founders play?

Early bird registrations are open

Organising team
Building and Growing a Marketing Team
Setting up Your Marketing Stack - Less than 500K ARR
Setting up Your Marketing Stack - More than 500K ARR
Category Creation (Product Marketing, Positioning, Messaging, Sales Enablement, Customer Marketing)
Demand Gen - Mid-Market to Enterprise
Sales and Marketing - Alignment and Handoffs
Content Marketing and Scrappy Lead Generation
How to Execute Virtual Events - Playbooks, Best Practices, and Learnings
Scaling Paid Marketing Channels - Google Ads ++ in COVID Times
Early bird registrations are open